5 Things to Consider when Buying Clothes for Your Kids

5 Things to Consider when Buying Clothes for Your Kids

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with a bunch of question whenever you try to buy a cute outfit for your kid? There are just so many options when it comes to kids’ apparel, and often times endless streams of thoughts tend to race through our minds I.e. – Is he going to outgrow this too quickly? Is he going to be made fun of if I buy him something too quirky, is he going to look silly in this sailor tee shirt? It’s a mess to be honest, but fret not! We’re here to help you with 5 things you need to consider next time you go hunting for something for your kiddo.

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  1. Fit

Fit is the most important thing ever. And I’m going to let you in on a secret not so secret. You ready? Elastic waistbands. Yes you heard that right, elastic waistbands on trousers will literally save you so much dough, so much paper that you could probably afford to have another kid ( we’re joking, please don’t reproduce based solely based on whether you can afford it or not, thanks) But yes, Elastic waistbands will give you the peace of mind that your kid will grow into the pants and will be able to wear them for more than just a few months. Watch out though, you don’t want the pant legs too long or they’re going to trip and hit their little noggin. Trust me this is a lifesaver

  • Fabric

Ok so, if you’ve just started shopping for your toddler, you’ve got to realize that humans are broken things, we have allergies to everything.  I’ve even met people who were allergic to grass if you can believe it. And it could be the case that you’re little one is allergic to certain fabrics, like cotton, linen etc. Make sure to test them out before you buy to see if he starts squealing. If not you’re probably good to go. Alternatively check the material yourself by rubbing it a little. If it feels like it belongs in a trashcan, it probably doesn’t belong on your kid.

  • Washability

Let’s be honest here guy, this is a kid we’re shopping for, it’s not the prince of Saudi Arabia, it’s a kid, and kids puke sometimes, sometimes they puke on their clothes and that’s honestly not fun. But you’ve got to clean that up, and if the clothes that little Timmy have puked on are pristine, merino wool, required 50 man hours to harvest from the flax of the River Nile, you’re going to be kicking yourself trying to wash it up. So yeah, just pick basic materials and make your life a little easier.