5 Tips for Travelling with A Baby on A Flight

5 Tips for Travelling with A Baby on A Flight

Travelling by plane is definitely one of the fastest ways to get from one location to your destination. When you have a baby a 2-hour flight will always beat a 7-hour car ride, am I right? Yes, flying with your baby will get you to your desired location quicker but is it easier?

No way! You have layovers, feedings, diaper changers and the worst of all, a possible screaming baby to be concerned about. It’s completely normal for you to be a bit anxious before deciding to board a flight with your baby, it will get easier as you learn what you need to do. So here are some tips to help you when you are travelling on a plane with your baby:

1.      The 3 months Rule

By 3 months I mean when deciding to travel via airplane opt to wait until your child is 3 months old at least. Planes are known to be fully packed with germs and newborns are known to have weak immune systems. There are no airlines that ban new born babies, it is just a safer and frankly wiser option for you to wait until the baby is at least 3 months old and more developed to fight off germs.

2.      Opt for a Lap Baby

One advantage of flying with an infant is you don’t need to book another seat for them. You have the option of getting another seat with a car seat that has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration or you can place your baby on the lap for the duration of the flight.

3.      Check Airline Policies for Baggage, Car Seats and Strollers

Majority of airlines actually permit parents to bring one car seat and one stroller at no cost at the ticket cashier. You could also check in one stroller or one car seat at the gateway itself. Ensure that extra baggage is checked in as well.  Make sure the baby travel bag are designed in a way that does not hinder you during the flight.

Remember to get the check tag for your stroller or car seat at the gate and don’t forget that policies for baggage can vary. For instance, a lap infant may not obtain the same baggage allowance as one in a car seat. One diaper bag is usually allowed on board free of charge, however a lap infant will include that infant’s baggage counting towards your own baggage allowance.

4.      Match Sleep Patterns

Choose the time wisely. Choose the appropriate flight time that follows a similar time to your baby’s sleep patterns. Try to opt for a departure time that matches their pattern. This can be inclusive of a flight mid-day during your baby’s nap time or a flight towards the evening when it is nearing the baby’s usual sleepy time.

5.      Pack Those Noise Cancelling Earphones

The noises coming from an airplanes engine and chattering from surrounding passengers could make it quite difficult for your baby to fall asleep and could lead to a grumpy and very tired baby. To make the process of sleeping on the flight easier be sure to bring some noise cancelling earphones to get rid of all that unwanted surround sound.

Keep yourself and your baby happy and stress free by following these tips on your next flight!