Design Ideas for Customizing Tubular Steel Fences for Schools

Design Ideas for Customizing Tubular Steel Fences for Schools

Tubular steel fences are a versatile option for school fencing. It can offer practical functionality, security and aesthetic appeal. There are many design options for tubular steel fences and we will look at a few ideas on customising these especially when it comes to school usage.

An easy way to customise tubular steel fences is by using the school colours in the design.

You can discuss this with JND Timber and Steel so that you can select the ideal option for the job. You can use the primary and secondary colours of the school for the fence panels so that the identity of the school can be reinforced. You can also use coloured accents or trim on the rails or posts so that there is visual interest. You can also incorporate decorative panels or inserts to improve the visual appeal. The panels can have school emblems, intricate patterns, educational motifs, mascots etc. These can reflect the culture and values of the school. You can have the decorative panels made from different materials like aluminium, steel or composite materials. They can be customised to fit the sizes of the fence panels. The tubular steel fences can be functional elements as well. You can use them to display signage or wayfinding information around the school. To achieve this, you can have sign mounts or brackets fixed onto the fence posts. This way, you can install campus maps, directional signs and informational signage so that students, visitors and staff can be guided. You can also use signage to highlight the achievements of the school or upcoming events. 

You can transform the tubular steel fence into artwork.

You can commission artistic murals by collaborating with students, local artists, community members etc. These murals can celebrate creativity and diversity. They can depict scenes from school history, inspirational messages etc. so that beauty is added to the school environment. You can also incorporate safety features to the fence so that security of students and staff members can be increased. You can have anti-climb measures such as spearheads or finials so that intruders can be deterred. You can also have a wire infill or mesh panel behind the tubular steel framework so that unauthorised access can be prevented. You will still be able to maintain visibility and airflow with these panels.

The appearance of the tubular steel fences can be softened by incorporating greenery.

You can plant climbing vines or flowering plants along the fence line. This will add some shade to people walking along the fence and it can promote biodiversity as well. You can have trellises or planter boxes along the fence so that gardening can be promoted. It can be a great way to teach students about different plants. You can incorporate interactive elements to the fence such as whiteboard panels or a chalkboard so that students can draw or write messages. You can have sensory gardens, interactive art installations, musical fences etc. so that it can stimulate exploration and creativity.