Different Types of Packaging Boxes for Business

Different Types of Packaging Boxes for Business

Packaging is an important part of selling any type of products. Aside from keeping the product safe inside, the right packaging also helps draw more attention to the product you’re selling and boost sales. There are different types of packaging for a variety of products. When choosing a packaging material, be sure that it suits your brand, product, and keeps the items safe from damage.

If you’re selling something, here are some of the most common packaging box types to choose from.


A chipboard is made from reclaimed paper that is compressed and bonded with glue. One of the advantages of a chipboard is its sustainability and low cost. Since it is always made from recycled material, it is lighter on the environment and doesn’t cost that much compared to other boxes. You could choose between lightweight and heavyweight options and it could also be printed on just like other boxes. Chipboard is perfect for products of any size and shape since it could be easily manipulated to fit well.


Paperboard is made from wood pulp and could range from single-ply to multiple-ply types. If you have small products, a paperboard might be the right packaging that suits it. Paperboard is a lot different from cardboard since it looks and feels more like a thick paper. Although it is not as rigid as other boxes, paperboard is a lot easier to cut and folded to suit the right size of your product.

Corrugated Cardboard

A corrugated cardboard lives up to its name. Unlike other box types, it has a corrugated part in between two flat cardboard layers, making it sturdy and durable. The corrugated part is made from a fluted medium which serves as an insulation and protective layer for the products inside.

You could choose from single fluting and even multiple fluting for more strength and durability. Corrugated cardboard is not that expensive and can be used on bigger and heavier items. It is usually used to handle items in bulk that needs to be shipped just like this pallet bulk box. It could also be used on smaller products because of its cost-efficiency.

Rigid Box

As its name suggests, a rigid box is definitely strong and rigid compared to other packaging boxes. Rigid boxes are made from highly condensed paperboard making it a lot thicker and harder than regular cardboard. It is also heavier and denser than regular boxes even if they are smaller in size.

This type of box is a lot expensive compared to other boxes but it also offers better durability as well as more protection for your product. Rigid boxes are commonly used for packing small premium items such as jewelleries, watches and phones. You could also see it commonly used as a gift box for gift sets.

Those are the 4 most common packaging boxes that are usually used in retail and shipping. Be sure to choose the right box type to keep your products in their good condition.