How Coir Products Can Be Used for Horticultural Growing

How Coir Products Can Be Used for Horticultural Growing

Coir is taken from coconut husks and it is actually a sustainable material that has a lot of applications in the field of horticulture. There are so many different coir products such as coil disks, coir blocks etc. that can be used by growers and gardeners in different scales.

Coir is a by-product of coconut processing and it comes with good aeration properties and water holding capacity. This is also an environmentally friendly product. You can click here to find out how you can access coir products to use for your crops today. Because this is a renewable resource, it is a great environmentally friendly option that you can use. This is a good alternative to peat moss and when more and more growers switch to coir products, the demand for pea extraction can be reduced. This can contribute positively to the fragile ecosystems where peat is extracted from. You can actually prevent the soil from getting waterlogged as coir allows for optimal drainage. This will prevent root rot from happening. Coir is a pH neutral material so you can use it for so many different applications without worrying about this affecting the pH of soil. 

Coir blocks are a popular option you can use and these will expand once they are hydrated.

You can find coir blocks in different compositions. You can find coir blocks where the ratio of coir fibre or dust to coir chips varies so that you can select the right option for your growing needs. When the coir fibre content is high, it is a good medium to start seeds because it promotes germination of seeds. You can also use these coir blocks for indoor potting mixes because of its ability to retain moisture. You can ensure the development of healthy roots in potted plants in this situation. You can also find coir blocks that come with blended chip to fibre ratios. This will give you a good balance between water retention and aeration making them a good choice for container gardening. You can also mix the blended coir blocks into garden beds to improve structure of soil.

You can also use coir blocks

That come with a high chip content compared to fibre and these will be great for vegetable gardens because they prevent the soil from getting waterlogged. You can also use these coir blocks for epiphytes such as orchids. Another product you will come across is coir disks and these compressed discs of coir will expand once you add water. This is great for transplanting and starting seeds. Once you add water to the coir disk, they will expand into a medium quite similar to soil and this will be a perfect environment for seeds to germinate. Coir discs come with uniform moisture levels and texture. After the seedlings have grown quite a bit, you can plant the coir disks directly into a garden bed or a large pot without disturbing the roots of the seedlings.