How to know if it’s time to change your strata administration

How to know if it’s time to change your strata administration

Strata scheme management is a lot harder than it looks on the surface. But being a property owner, or as an employee who holds an administrative position in a property management company, you already know this. How can you know if it’s time to change your strata administration? That’s the question we’re going to discuss and give you the answer as well.

The contract is literally coming to an end

Just because the contract is coming to an end doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to change companies. But if you’ve been having second thoughts for a considerable time, especially due to the number of hidden fees and whatnot, you might not want to let go of the opportunity you’re getting. What you should do is sit down and evaluate the possible better options you’d have.

Your lot owners aren’t happy with the management services

When it comes to rather larger buildings with a number of lots, having one or two contact numbers isn’t enough to manage the needs of the lot owners. In fact, there must be an online presence and the facility for both the owner and the tenants to contact the managing entity. This includes even the minute needs such as obtaining permission for pets. If that’s not there, should you continue services?

Repetitive requirement of your interfering for problem-solving

In hiring a building manager or a management company, you expect the service provider to maintain the building in the best way. But the problem with some maintenanceworks is that, not only do they happen afterhours, but they also need to be rectified as soon as possible. Hence, if your manager is home sipping wine in front of his TV, you just might have to fill in for him. If this has been going for too long, then it’s a clear sign that you need a company that’s available 24 hours.

You’re convinced the workload is too much for them

Not all companies can handle everything they get despite what they claim unless there’s a proper method showcased. If you’re convinced that the workload is too much on the company, you might want to consider switching.

Unreasonable fee increment

Following the pandemic, too many businesses crashed down, and the economy, in general, was affected. While you can expect a price increment per lot per annum, how would you feel if it elevated up to a whopping 200$ per annum, with no statistical reasoning except for the fact that there was a pandemic? It’s not good enough; not when you can get 99$ per lot per annum fee unchanged even in 2022.

Final thoughts

The bottom line is that you can still have a talk with the lot owners and proceed to change the management company or the manager whenever you want, as long as it is in the legal frame. At the end of the day, we strongly recommend that you have a predetermined company to switch to so that you don’t have to keep waiting to come across a better company.