Reasons why making refrigerated vehicles is better than hiring/buying

Reasons why making refrigerated vehicles is better than hiring/buying

If your business deals with a product that required refrigerated transporting, you’re highly likely to have been hiring refrigerated for a long time, or maybe this is the first time. Sure, it doesn’t consume that much for a trip but is it worth it to hire vehicles at the end of the day?

The short answer is no, surprisingly enough.

In this read, we’re going to tell you why making refrigerated vehicles is much better than hiring or buying.

Available whenever you need them

The biggest downside of hired vehicles is that not always will you get to hire them. Sometimes, being unable to transport products when needed can be quite sabotaging to the product quality. This problem won’t be there when you have a fleet of your own – after all, it’s a long-running business.

Impossibly cheap

Vehicles that come with in-built refrigeration are only chosen by companies that have an abundance of capital. But since they need a number of units, even the bigger corporations have focused on getting refrigeration units installed in typical vehicles. This gap is going to be so much that you’d be able to get a couple of vehicles transformed for the cost of one refrigerated vehicle.

Bespoke temperatures

What if you wanted extremely low temperatures? What if it was close to -20 degrees Celsius? Will your transportation company will be able to give you that guarantee of the temperature? Half of the time, these meters have been so overused that it’s hard to maintain a constant temperature. If you’re in the field of medicine or pharmaceuticals, you know you cannot afford that at any cost.

The actual cost of accumulation

Let us assume that you’re going to hire – if you were a long-running business, you’re going to need refrigerated transportation almost all the time. When that happens how will be the accumulating cost? Because if you did the calculation right, getting a vehicle refrigerated is the cheap way.

Zero chances of contamination

When you’re hiring reirrigated vehicles, there’s always going to be a business that transported products in the said refrigerators. Although it might take just about a few minutes to clean the surface of the insides, how much deep cleaning would it actually require?

Will your transportation company be bothered to do that? They won’t since that’s not practical and that’s the path to contamination.

Preserving the professionalism

Would you really want to drop off your products by just about any vehicle? We’re living in a commercial world where appearances matter. In this world, appearances go a long way. So, why should you sabotage your business’ image like that?

The best suggestion

The best suggestion is none other than Tranzfreeze; with 30 years of experience, and a wide array of options of bespoke refrigeration units that suit a number of vehicles makes, this is the most ideal decision that you can ever make.

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In conclusion

So, in conclusion, hiring or buying refrigerated vehicles is not the way to go. Since you can install and service refrigerated units for a very affordable cost, it’s always going to be the best option for this matter.