Things to Avoid When Grooming Your Pet

Things to Avoid When Grooming Your Pet

Grooming your pet is not just about making it ‘look’ nice and clean. Grooming in fact, is healthy. Regular Grooming will ensure your pet is in good health, overall. However, it is important that you do groom your pet right, and most importantly, that you don’t overdo it. Here is a quick look at some of the things you should not be doing when you groom your pet.

Washing the Insides of the Ears

It can be hard to keep away from meddling with the insides of your pets’ ears, especially when you can see dirt. Nevertheless, if you think washing the insides should do the job, you were probably wrong. Washing the insides can only cause infections and make your pet ill. Try using a pet ear cleaner instead. Gently massage it into the canal and then use a clean cloth to wipe off any dirt. If you are reluctant, do it yourself, you can always leave it to a professional and have a neat job done.

Brushing Soon After a Bath

Brushing your pet’s coat regularly should help remove tangles, dead skin and hair, and leaves it looking shiny. Some have the habit of brushing after a bath, believing it to be easier. The truth however, is that wet/damp fur is harder to brush and unhealthy too. It is a lot harder to detangle fur when it is wet. Attempting to do so can only lead to damaged hair/fur. Thus, make sure you dry your pet after a bath and then brush its coat using a wide toothed brush.

Bathing too Often

You surely might be tempted to bathe your pet often. You might think this should help maintain hygiene and good health, but this is not completely true. Bathing your pet too often can be harmful to its skin and health. It could lead to dried skin and reduce the production of essential natural oils that keep their fur coat shiny and healthy. Thus, bathing them once a month or so should be just enough. Make sure you use a good dog or cat shampoo and conditioner that is gentle and completely safe on their skin.

Using Poor Quality Tools/Clippers for Nail Trimming

Nail clipping can be quite a tough job, the toughest rather, when it comes to grooming cats and dogs. However, with some practice, you should be able to do it like a pro. It is very important to use good quality, sharp clippers so that it does not damage their nails or cause discomfort and pain. It is a good idea to let the experts do it the first couple of times, and you learn from them. They should also be able to give you little tips and tricks on how to do it easily and perfectly.

Even though you may groom like a pro, there could be times when you tend to become less attentive and cautious than you usually are. It is important to take every grooming session seriously, and do it with great care, no matter how much experience you have.