This could be the reason behind a happy horse and a happy rider.

This could be the reason behind a happy horse and a happy rider.

Horse riding considered a sport or occasionally a hobby. It has no age restrictions. It also has many physical and mental benefits. An experienced rider would exactly know what is needed for a good ride. As new riders, it is important to know the equipments actually required. For a smooth ride, it is essential for both the rider and horse to be comfortable throughout the ride.

The connection between a horse and the rider will be through a saddle. It is the seat in which the rider sits and is fixed to the horse. Incorrectly fitted saddles can cause many problems to the horse and the rider both. When it comes to correct fixing of a saddle, cinch girth is what’s essential. It’s used to fix the saddle to the horse through a few straps.

A rider would always agree on getting the correct girth is a vital task. It should be comfortable and hygienic for the horse, also easy to use and clean. There are many styles and materials available now. Most suitable one for your horse and saddle would be appropriate. 

Things to consider when selecting one

Style’s -Straight: most widely used style. If the liner made of neoprene, it will be non-slip able and comfortable.

Roper: widens through the middle, so the saddle can be fixed safely. Wide surface area will exert equal pressure on the body of the horse, which will make it more comfortable for the horse.

Double layer: this type includes an additional layer added to the other styles. For example; with a layer of neoprene, a poly cotton binding added for extra protection.

Materials – Mohair: typically used material. Breathable and absorbs moisture. Easy maintenance as it dries quickly.

Neoprene: can be considered the best material. Non-slip able and has a better grip than other materials. Dries easily, so easy maintenance.

Talking about the comfort of the horse; one with 100% real wool lining could be best. Wool could prevent frictional rub on the horse skin, avoid galls. It could also absorb the moisture prevention infections.

 The material should be non-slip able. For example, materials like neoprene could be best. Moreover, the availability of stainless-steel buckles for a longevity and avoid rusting.

Size is a significant quantity to consider before purchasing one. Size can be selected according to your horse.

Proper care after every use is critical. Should also be easy to use and easy to clean. Easily removable parts which can be washed and dried separately would be an added advantage. Should be thoroughly dried before the next use.

Things to consider when fixing one

Cinch should be fixed properly, if it is tied loosely, it can cause the saddle to slip and be dangerous to the rider and cause trauma to the horse. If it was too tight it can cause problems to the horse like sores, girth galls or even hematomas. Preventing all the complications is necessary.