Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Luxury Retreat

Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Luxury Retreat

Luxury bathrooms are trendy nowadays. Gone were the days when bathrooms look plain and clinical, with all white tiles and metallic fixtures. These days, bathrooms have become a personal retreat where you could relax and recharge yourself after a long day. If you’re planning to update the look of your bathroom into something contemporary and luxurious yet still not sure what to do, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some simple ways to turn your bathroom into a luxury retreat without actually breaking the bank.

Incorporate Wood

Wood or timber brings in a natural spa-like ambience into your bathroom, making it look more luxurious and feel like a relaxing retreat. There are plenty of ways to incorporate wood into the bathroom – from wooden wall claddings, wooden furniture, timber-fronted vanities, wooded baths, and many more. It is all up to your style on how you would want to use timber into your bathroom décor.

Install a Luxury Shower

A shower is one of the focal points of a bathroom. Although bathtubs aren’t really a necessity for some bathrooms, a shower is considered as a basic part of every bathroom. Not all people are fond of using baths. If you’re one of those, you could ditch the tub instead to maximize bathroom space and install a luxury shower instead.

Shower technology are more advanced these days. In fact, you could choose from a variety of showerheads that offer different features, helping you enjoy the luxury of hydrotherapy in your home. Choose only the best showerheads and other bathroom fixtures from allurebathrooms.com.au to maximum functionality and style.

Add in Colourful Stone

Aside from wood, stone is also a good material that could help transform a plain bathroom into a luxurious spa-like retreat. Colourful stones like onyx and marinace marble are becoming popular these days due to its elegant look and beautiful sparkle. One way to incorporate colourful stone into your bathroom décor is by installing stone shower backdrop and backsplash. Aside from being more stylish, stone also requires little maintenance to keep its beauty.

Make Bathroom Lighting on Point

Lighting plays a big role in creating the ambience of your bathroom. Whether it is an early morning shower or a relaxing bath at night, bathroom lighting helps create the mood that would perfectly suit the right time. There is different style of bathroom lighting but always remember to use a combination of these 3 basic styles – ambient, task, and accent light. When placed strategically around your bathroom, you could instantly transform a simple bathroom into an elegant one.

Choose Bath Wisely

A well-chosen bath is definitely a perfect addition to any luxurious bathroom. Choose bathtubs that have a classy or elegant style such as those made from solid stone, modern composite resin, and classic cast iron. These bathtubs are designed to add an extra touch of glamour into every bathroom.

Try out these steps one by one and see how your bathroom gets transformed from a simple to a luxurious one.