How Does a Freight Brokerage Help a Shipper?

How Does a Freight Brokerage Help a Shipper?

As a business focused on customer satisfaction and improved earnings, your focus is on the reliable transportation of your goods. However, with so many options available for moving your goods from point A to point B, choosing the best service solution might be a challenge.A freight brokerage is a logistics business that serves as a middleman between shippers who want to move their cargo and the carrier (the transportation company). A freight broker doesn’t take possession of the cargo, instead, they facilitate communication between the shipper and the transportation company tomake sure the handoff happens without issues and that the cargo arrives safely and on time to its destination.

Shippers like to work with a freight broker because they provide them with a single point of contact for their cargo from point A to point B en route to its destination. Strong relationships are at the centre of the freight brokerage business. The shipper depends on the brokerage’s network of transportation companies to move their cargo and eliminate the time-consuming process of selecting and negotiating with a carrier, planning the route and tracking the cargo. Freight broker Melbourne can help you find the best shipping solutions for your needs and show you how the process can provide you with convenience.

While a freight brokerage engages in a host of activities dailyits core duties are consistent.

  • Vet and select reliable carriers
  • Manage the logistics of each shipment

If you are currently shipping your cargo without a problem, it may not be the right time to engage a freight broker for your business. It is also dependent on your business and the industry. However, if you are on the lookout to improve your shipping process to make it more cost and time-efficient working with a brokerage firm might help with the three situations below.

Cost:cost reduction is one of the key reasons shippers choose to hire a freight brokerage. Because they are experts in the field of transportation, they have the required experience and network to help you move your goods seamlessly at reduced costs compared to you handling the shipping on your own. Because they work as consultants you can rely on them to provide you with tailor-made solutions to your specific requirement. 

Capacity: if your business is such that it has seasonal ups and down and you struggle withthe seasonal influx of freight that needs moving in a short period, hiring a freight broker to see you through the season without issues and damage to business relationships might be the answer. Or, it could be that your business has grown to a point where you are finding it difficult to manage your shipments by yourself.

Time and quality:a freight broker will employ their network and relationships to move your goods to their destination on time, saving you the consequences of delays.They also have processes in place to protect your cargo from damage leaving you with one less headache to worry about.