What to Know about Aircraft Maintenance as a Buyer

What to Know about Aircraft Maintenance as a Buyer

An aircraft is a significant investment and you need to consider many factors before you select it for purchase. And one of the important aspects of purchasing an aircraft is understanding its maintenance history and requirements.

When considering aeroplanes for sale Australia, you need to review the maintenance records of the aircraft so that you can gain insight into its overall condition. These records will show details of the maintenance activities of the aircraft, repairs, inspections or any modifications that have been carried out within its lifetime. Some of the aspects you need to pay attention to are major repairs, recurring maintenance issues and whether the aircraft complies with regulatory requirements. There are maintenance programmes that third party providers or manufacturers offer and many aircrafts have enrolled in these programmes so that comprehensive coverage can be obtained for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. You need to familiarise yourself with the particulars of the maintenance programmes that are associated with the aircrafts that you are considering. You have to consider terms, coverage, costs and transferability. The benefit of these programmes is that you will have some peace of mind when it comes to dealing with maintenance related expenses.

There are aviation authorities that issue airworthiness directives

And these are used to address maintenance issues or safety concerns in specific aircraft models. You need to check whether the aircraft that you are interested in buying is compliant with the applicable airworthiness directives. You need to check whether the repairs, modifications or inspections that have been carried out with regard to the aircraft are done in accordance with the regulatory requirements. There are safety risks associated with non-compliance with these directives and the resale value of the aircraft can be affected as a result. You need to check whether there are maintenance facilities and support services in close proximity to your location depending on the aircraft type you want to purchase. To ensure that maintenance and repairs are carried out on time and effectively, you need to have access to qualified maintenance technicians. There should also be access to spare parts. You can check the reputation of the maintenance providers in your area.

Maintenance costs have to be considered when planning finances.

The overall budget should include this. To calculate this, the anticipated maintenance requirements should be considered based on the condition, age, usage and the operational profile of the aircraft. In addition to routine maintenance, you will also need to assess the costs for scheduled overhauls, inspections, unexpected replacements or repairs. You will be able to avoid financial surprises later on when you budget for these expenses as well. A comprehensive pre-purchase inspection has to be carried out to evaluate the overall condition of the aircraft and to identify potential or existing maintenance issues. You can obtain the services of a qualified aircraft inspector or technician so that they can evaluate the engines, airframe, systems, avionics and components of the aircraft. This should include a detailed assessment of the maintenance status of the aircraft or if there are any areas of concern.