5 Simple Tips for the Perfect BBQ

5 Simple Tips for the Perfect BBQ

Are you wondering what the basics are to the perfect BBQ? Here are 5 must-know tips!

Try Some Tools

A couple of handy tools is what you need if you want to work like a pro. Long-handled tongs might top the list because, without one, it can be almost impossible to avoid a burn or two on your arms as you handle the meat. Long handles allow you to work conveniently and prevent burns that you could be so very prone to.

You also may want to get a pair of BBQ gloves, which again, you could keep on the whole time as you work with hot meat, hot utensils, and of course, hot coal! A grilling basket is great to arrange the meat in and then place it over the grill.

This way you are sure the meat cooks evenly. It also helps you work faster especially when there’s loads to do.You might want to consider making a DIY herb brush with which you can smear your favourite herbs over the meat, just the way you like it!

Prepare, Prepare!

Preparation is key to having the right stuff on the table and ensuring everybody has a blast! Know your crowd and figure out how to cater to their specific needs, then work accordingly. If there are going to be more kids amidst the crowd, you would want to opt for sausages and skewers along with a couple of salad options, which they surely are going to love, no doubt.

In this case, you would see that sausages are cut into a decent size to make both cooking and serving easy. Opt for some great flavours – focus on getting kid-friendly flavours in this case, which the rest of the crowd could enjoy, too. Check out stores like The Barbecue Company for the best flavours you can or find the range of BBQ sauces here

Marination is Mandatory!

Many don’t take it seriously, but marination is mandatory! Whether you choose to make the marinade from scratch with flavours and spices of your choice, or you opt for pre prepared marination, you would want to make sure there is some good marination on your meat and more particularly, that it is left on overnight. This should do proper justice to taste and flavour once grilled.

Get Rid of the Chill

Another secret to perfectly grilled meat is to place them on the grill when they are at room temperature. This means that any meat you take out of the fridge needs to sit for about 20 minutes or so until they are no longer chilled or cold.

Reason? Cold/chilled meat could easily burn on the outside while the inside is still uncooked. Thus, always make sure the meat is at normal temperature, and also that you shake off any excess marinade before placing it on the grill. 

Charcoal Choices Matter!

Did you know that the flavour infused by charcoal depends on which tree it comes from? Charcoal from an oak tree for instance is likely to create smoky-caramel infusions while those from an orangewood tree carry a marmalade- like flavour. 

Apart from the flavour element, you also need to focus on the size of your charcoal, meaning you’d decide on chunks or bites/briquettes depending on the type and quantity of meant you’d be cooking