Dressing Up for Events 101: A Cocktail Party Dress Up Guide for Women

Dressing Up for Events 101: A Cocktail Party Dress Up Guide for Women

In order to pull of the right outfit for a cocktail party, one must first know what it means. A cocktail party which can also be commonly known and categorized as a semi-formal attire, is events that hold values or meaning behind them such as fund raisers, weddings and other social or business networking events.

While for ladies it’s often dresses that can either be full length or knee-length, for men it’s always a tuxedo. However, in this article we’re going to focus more on how women should dress up and things she needs to keep in mind prior to prepping for one.

The three W’s

The three Ws include what, when and where. In order to get a hang of what it is you’re going to wear; you first need to know what kind of an event exactly the cocktail party is. Knowing when the party is means understanding better if the particular event is during the day, late evening or night.

And lastly, you should also be aware of the location, be it indoors or outdoors, church or hall, etc. All the above Ws would be your first guide in helping you select an appropriate outfit, rather than be over dressed or underdressed.

The perfect dress

Once you’ve got hold of a rough idea on how you are required to dress up, the next step comes down to narrowing down your options until you’ve found the perfect fit. You would know it is the perfect fit if it feels just right deep within your heart. Whether it’s a beautiful knee length dress, a long gown or even a semi-formal jumpsuit, you’ve got endless designs and styles to choose from.

Shoes to pair it off

The pair of shoes you choose can make or break your outfit. Choosing the right pair can sometimes be challenging, yet figuring out the perfect shoes is the most exciting part. Often the best way to go around it is to ensure your shoes and accessories match in contrast to your outfit so as highlight your overall fit perfectly. It is also important to ensure the pair gives you comfort throughout the event. If you don’t have anything in hand you can even buy Diana Ferrari supersoft online.

Touches of accessories

When it comes to accessorizing, you need to include a bunch of items into the list such as a clutch, jewelleries, hair accessories, etc. Often cocktail parties require you to carry a clutch over a hang bag as it complements the outfit more.

Looking into accessories, it’s also important to ensure you don’t over accessorize yourself depending on the type of cocktail party, however, late evening events often require a decent amount of bling from rings to bracelet and necklaces. Lastly if you do opt for a pretty hair do, you can even add a hint of jewel there!