How Adventures and the Duke of Edinburgh Award are Connected

How Adventures and the Duke of Edinburgh Award are Connected

Adventures are a unique part of the human experience. They allow you to step outside your comfort zone and experience something new and exciting. And this experience can help you learn so many things about yourself and the wider world.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award NSW school incursions encourage young people to embark on adventures. And this is a great way of developing their life skills. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a programme that is internationally recognised for its goal of empowering young people in undertaking different activities that promote physical fitness, personal development and community service. The adventurous journey is a key component of this programme which is where a team of young people will plan and train for an expedition. By challenging themselves, the participants are able to learn how to overcome obstacles. They will learn to work as a team and how to make decisions. Some of the activities that are involved with this programme are cycling, hiking, camping and cycling. And those that participate will get to see a part of nature that they have never experienced. And this programme is a great way to develop resilience.

Today, most of the young generation is living in the digital age.

And while it is a good thing to move forward with the times, it is also important to be aware of your surroundings and nature. This gives the students a better understanding of nature and allows them to learn valuable life skills. And many of these are practical skills. By overcoming challenges, the participants will find ways to grow as a person and discover new things about themselves. Some might find a passion for exploring or another person may find a new interest in the natural world. There are so many adventurous activities that young people can participate in which will help improve their confidence. And leading up to the adventure, they will be planning for it and undergoing training. For example, they will build endurance for hiking and carry out exercises so that they are able to hike a long distance with a heavy backpack. And after actually participating in the hike and completing it, they can feel a sense of achievement.

The participants will understand their limits and learn how to push these limits to find new strength.

There may be certain things that they are wary of or hesitant about such as hiking a large distance or camping in a remote area. But these adventures will help them learn to adapt to new situations which is a great thing as life is never predictable. The skills they learn through this programme can be transferred to other aspects of their life. For example, they will find the strength to excel in education or in their career despite adversity. And the values they learn in this programme will help them form healthier relationships as well. This will stimulate their mind and body. Physical fitness is something that is prioritised in these adventures and it requires the participants to be at top fitness.