Innovative Fabric Designs for Kids

Innovative Fabric Designs for Kids

Clothes are one of the many trends that are constantly changing. It does not even just depend on which gender but can be commonly seen in female, males and children’s clothes. There are plenty of hacks and styles that are used for clothing these days that are different from the styles and cuts used previously. Back in the early 2000s kids fashion ranged from coloured shoelaces to beaded jewellery, although now it is not the case.

The evolution of children’s clothes trends as become a very in demand industry by parents who want to make sure their kid looks the best. If you enjoy DIY projects then twisting your kid’s clothes to add flair and colour it can be a fun process of designing your kids’ clothes to look funky, kiddish but yet awesome. But where do you draw your inspiration from, here are a few neat and smart ideas to jazzing up the fabric’s designs for children’s clothes or where you can get these cool designs from.

Get to stitching

Stitching clothes can be a fun process if you have a good sewing machine and of course lots of inspiration. It might even be the cheaper option than having to buy clothes as the current prices are considerably high.

However, the problem may lie in where exactly to find the trendy material and patterns. Likely for you there are now many online stores that sell material in different quantities. They have a large variety of options and sell in the quantity you want. With options like this all you need to do is shop today for your favourite pattern and start stitching your child’s clothes. It has become easy, fun and super convenient.

Upcycle old clothes

Upcycling is the method of taking something that you might throw away and changing it to make something new. This is a classic method of recycling clothes that is efficient, cool and honestly just much better. This is a sustainable way to ensure your child’s clothes don’t go in waste as they grow older. Some of the easy upcycling ideas include transforming torn jeans into a pair of summer shorts.

Sew on different fabric for a pocket and you’ve got a trendy pair of shorts. Your kid will love them too. Use old dressed to be shortened into cute tops that could be worn with jeans or a skirt or even throwaway pieces of material to be sewn into headbands. The only thing upcycling needs is some creativity and a sewing machine that is in great condition.

Tie Dye

Somethings never go out of style and this is apparently one of the many. Tie Dye is particularly easy once you have got a hang of how to fold the fabric and the colouring to be used. Pick the right colours and learn about the process, waiting time and how exactly the clothes should be tied beforehand. The process does take a few trials and errors but it is something you can even do with your kids.