Picking the Right Shoe for the Right Occasion

Picking the Right Shoe for the Right Occasion

If you have already figured out your outfit for the day, styled some cute accessories to go along with it and have finally arrived at your last hurdle- selecting the matching shoe- then here are some points you should consider before making that choice! Shoes play an essential role on how you would feel during the entire occasion so it’s important to pick the right one for the day.

Type of Activity

Knowing what plans you have for the day, or even having a gist of it, will allow you to make a smart choice about the type of shoe to pick. There are many types of comfortable shoes for womens and selecting the right one is vital. If you know you might have to move around a lot and the day planned ahead would require you to be physically active, then it would be best to look into any flat shoes you have.

Coat shoes and sandals may be a good option for a casual outing or for a picnic.On the other hand, sneakers and sport shoes would be ideal for various sporting activities like running or hiking. Remember to keep your options open!

The Event to attend

You must also consider the setting of the event you are going to attend. Is it a formal setting? Or is it more laid-back and casual? You have to consider the type of occasion you have for the day ahead in order to make the correct pick.

Business or formal events might require you to wear smart and neat choices like oxfords, loafers or even heels. Parties might call for shoes which include any stylish pieces you like such as block heels, boots or even some cute, strappy sandals.


Choosing the right colour for your shoes will not just complete the overall look you are going for but will also help match the atmosphere of the place you are in. An example of this is how in offices, you would have to wear neutral colours and so wearing bright footwear may not be appropriate. You can always pick the colour based on the handbag you are taking with you, or even based on whether you want it to complement or contrast your outfit.

Comfort versus Style

Some of you might think that you must pick between the two. Is comfort more important than style, or is it the other way around? Here’s the good news: you do not have to pick between either! There are many shoes out there that give you a good mix of style and ease so that you would not have to compromise for either aspect. This will give you the correct confidence to venture out for the day knowing that you have no worries about being underdressed or feeling any pain.

We all know that picking the right shoes can be a hard task but an important one. That’s why we have gathered the necessary things for you to consider before making that choice!