The 5 Best Toddler Climbing Toys

The 5 Best Toddler Climbing Toys

Let’s be real, finding the perfect toy for a toddler is not the easiest thing to do. Toys for children in the toddle stage are vital. It is not only a fun activity but these toys have to interact and effectively help in development of motor skills and cognitive stimulation.

Climbing toys in particular combine both the physical and mental aspect of a child’s development. As the toddler figures out the path to climbing and uses their physical force to get from one place to another. There are a large variety of climbing toys available in the market. I have listed out the best possible options for you to choose from:

1.      Slide and Sports Climber

This is the perfect toy for a big family. This is because it does not require each person to go one after the other. It actually allows everyone to use it in a simultaneous manner. Ensure to purchase a quality outdoor climbing frames to add in with the slide for better support. Play is fun, but safety is vital.

2.      The Climbing Triangle

A wooden climbing triangle is quite attractive to keep within the play area of your home. Most triangles include a foldable feature. Which makes it easier for mum or dad to nicely tuck it away and make more space whenever it is needed.

The tough rungs are hung up or down on either side of the wooden triangle and could come in a variety of colours. In addition, it is more versatile in the aspect of age, as there are low bars and high bars. The older children that crave an extra push can always opt for the more challenging option and the little ones can stick with the easier low bars.

3.      Dome Climber

This is for the outdoors. True to its name, the dome climber is meant to be in the outer area of your home. Also another great option when focusing on having multiple kids playing and having a good time together. But, note that it can take up to 5 kids at time and the steel it is made out of steel that usually weighs a whopping one thousand pounds. Making this a rust free and solid toy for your kids and their friends!

4.      Swing & Climber

This is an iconic duo that is the rage in the kid’s outdoor toys scene. This versatile set permits many kids to get on and allows them to choose between climbing up and sliding down or swinging around. Weren’t these your favourite things to do as a child?

What makes you think the current generation might enjoy differently? Some of these toys have a feature that allows you to play basketball as well! The stairs are made in a way that help avoid slipping and the swing is super comfortable. Sold yet? Buy one of these before it goes out as these sets are sure to get sold out sooner than you know it.

5.      Skyword Summit

More specifically the Step2 Skyward Summit. It may not be the cheapest of the lot, but it is huge! This will surely be the toy that attracts all of your neighbourhood kids over and makes sure that your child will always have a friend pop by. There are grips and crannies for kids to hold on to, spaces to hide in and it is around 6.5 feet tall!

Buy one or all of these climbing toys and see the difference during their playtime.