Tips For Keeping a Cat Safe

Tips For Keeping a Cat Safe

Having a cat can be a lot of fun and having a cat which is trained can be both fun and easy. However, whether the cat is trained or not, it is important to make sure the cat is kept safe and protected at all times.


When you feed your cat make sure to get your hands on the best raw cat food available in stores. When serving the food into the bowl, make sure the bowl in which the cat eats from is clean. This is important because if the cat is eating from a dirty bowl, it could result in the cat getting sick. Therefore, it is important that the bowls the cat eats and drinks out of is clean.

Electrical cords

Cats can be very playful at times therefore it is important that you cover up electrical cords and keep them out if reach from the cat. This is essential because it can be easy for a cat to entangle itself within the wires.

Broken class

If a glass breaks in an area of the house, make sure that you keep the cat out if the area until the glass is cleared up. If a human gets pricked by a glass, he or she will be able to say it out loud with words. However, a cat cannot do this. If a piece of glass were to get into a cat’s paw it may be days before you realise this. Therefore, to ensure the cat is safe and does not get cut or scratched by the glass, it is best to make sure the cat is not in the area when you are cleaning up the broken pieces of glass.

Keep the door closed

It is a good idea to try and train your cat to come back home. However, if your cat is not yet trained to do this then it is important that you are always careful and mindful to keep the doors and windows closed so that the cat cannot leave. Cats can be curious creatures and if they see an open door or window, they may want to explore the outdoors.

However, this could result in them getting lost especially if they do not know their way back home. Therefore, it is important that you are mindful to keep the door closed especially when you are not in the area.It is also a good idea to put a collar on the cat as then people will know the cat is not a stray one and does have a home.

Neighbourhood pets

If you know of any neighbourhood pets such as other cats or even dogs who are not violent towards your cat, then it is important that you do not expose the cat to the other animals especially when you are not around. It is also a good idea to inform the neighbours of their pet being violent towards your cat as then they can keep an eye on their cat or dog to make sure it does not harm your cat.