8 of the Best 4X4 Modifications? [A Beginner’s Guide]

8 of the Best 4X4 Modifications? [A Beginner’s Guide]

Are you a newbie who’s looking to modify their 4X4? Some of the best modifications are discussed below. Swapping your stock tires for larger alternatives, adding bull-bars, and including new exhaust systems are a few that we discussed. Read ahead if you want to know what the rest are.

1.      Larger Tires

Swap your stock tires for larger alternatives. Most stock tires are small and don’t come with the best traction. After the switch, you will be able to drive faster and safer.

2.      Bull Bars

Bull bars are one of the best modifications you could make. They are contraptions that you can attach to the front of your vehicle that will clear the road, and let you pass through. If it’s a secluded path that hasn’t been cleared yet, this would be a good modification. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything damaging your vehicle.

3.      Lightbars

Getting lightbars installed would be smart. In case you’re not aware, they are large headlights that can be attached to the top of your vehicle. They’d make it possible for you to drive at night, which will let you cover more ground.

4.      Exhaust Systems

Change your vehicle’s exhaust if you want to drive faster. Now, there are multiple exhausts on the market, so you might not know which to switch to. Choose Manta Performance exhausts if you’re going to be travelling especially long distances.

5.      Roof Racks

Although many users think that roof racks aren’t important, wehave to disagree. Theyare added space that will let you carry more supplies, like food and water. If you’re stranded, they would come useful.

Here’s an added benefit – you can lay on them and relax. You’d appreciate this whenever it’s a nice night out.

6.      Suspension Lifts

Like their name suggests, suspension lifts add extra height to your car. Ultimately, its underbelly would be protected while driving through rough terrain.

Depending on the extension that you buy, how much your car would be lifted up would differ. Look for one that will match your 4X4 appropriately.

7.      Roll Cages

In case your car topples over, having roll cages installed would be life-saving. The cage would prevent youfrom completely toppling.

Make sure you get a roll cage made from aluminium, as the material is strong yet light-weight.

8.      Long Range Fuel Tanks

While on long, isolated trails, running out of fuel is the worst thing you could face. This wouldn’t be an issue if you’ve installed long range fuel tanks.

From all of the modifications on my last, this is the easiest to do.

Final Thoughts

Considering everything that was discussed, what do you think? There are several useful modifications that you can make to your 4×4. Installing new exhausts, swapping your stock tires, and adding bull bars are some o the best changes you could make. Most stock tires are not very big and have poor traction.

Hopefully you found everything that was run through useful.